I am Seewon, a specialist in NPC Combat and Dungeon designing


Passionate, hardworking dungeon designer with 6+ years of experience on managing, scheduling, designing, implementing, educating and giving feedback. Excellent at solving problems, and great at communicating with artists, programmers. 

Looking for an opportunity to take part in developing an engaging and unforgettable game.


Software Proficiency

B.S. in Chemistry
B.A. in Multimedia Tech.
Master of Entertainment Tech.

Brief Summary of My Experience (Does not include my personal projects)

Neowiz Round8 Studio  (Jan, 2017 ~ Current)

Senior NPC Combat and Dungeon Designer for Bless Unleasehd (Aug, 2020 ~ Current)

Dungeon design and implementation (end game content)

Level Designer for Project P (May, 2017 ~ Jul, 2020)

Designed the overall world layout and a level for the prototype

Lead NPC Combat and Dungeon Designer for Bless Unleashed (Apr, 2018 ~ Apr, 2020)

Managed and mentored a team of 4 combat designers and 1 dungeon designer

Managed individual and team schedules

Gave feedback on direction of design, means of implementation and on final output

Educated colleagues, created custom blueprints and VBA functions to assist designers in creating complicated content (recorded multiple lectures on game structure and more)

Participated in establishing rules and applying systems for optimization 

Chunk rules for XBOX (in charge of establishing and applying rules for game design assets)

Designed the server cell - volume tagging system for server optimization

Combat and Dungeon Designer for Bless Unleashed (Feb, 2017 ~ Mar, 2018)

Dungeon design and implementation (47% of the dungeons at launch)

Structure, flow and visual concept of levels for dungeons

Character, combat concept and encounter design for bosses and other monsters

Data and asset implementation, writing AI and scripting, creating short cutscenes

System and development tool design

70% of the AI functions, variable system structure, custom lua functions, AI tool

Various combat systems (NPCskill, trap and projectile data structure, npc size scaling, multi-collision for NPCs, combat achievement system structure and functions)

Directed and implemented the Demo for PAX (2018)

Dungeon Designer for Bless Onlined (Jun, 2014 ~ Feb, 2017)

Designed and implemented content for multiple end game dungeons

Team tEAm (Client: EA) - Game Designer, Level Designer (Aug, 2013 ~ Dec, 2013)

Creating a game that utilizes the clients hubs system.​

Team GASx3 (Client: TATRC) - Producer, Lead Designer, Level Designer (Jan, 2013 ~ May, 2013)

Creating a educational simulation game that teaches the flow of the Personnel Decontamination Station for the chemical medics.​

Team Future Tech (Client: Firaxis, 2K Games) - 2D Artist, Experience Designer (Sep, 2011 ~ Dec, 2011)

Generating ideas and prototypes (mods) for use Civ 5 as a platform to increase interest in world issues.

Building Virtual Worlds - Producer, Sound Designer, Story writer, Level Designer, Texture Artist (Jan 2012 ~ May, 2012)

Rapid prototyping with randomly assigned teammates/roles

School Project 2 - Producer, Designer, Sound Designer, UI Designer (Mar, 2011 ~ Jun, 2011)

Pitch and develop a game that has a reasonable schedule

School Project 1 - Designer, UI Designer (Mar, 2010 ~ Dec, 2010)

Develop a tower defence game for iOS