I am Seewon, a Level Designer.


Spending my childhood in the States and in Korea, I've faced different cultures and successfully adapted to both. Through that, I became a good listener and also fluent in delivering my thoughts in a logical way. I am very open for criticism and I go through a evaluating process before I accept/discard the feedback.

I’ve took multiple courses in programming and art. So I am capable of understanding people from both fields. I understand not only their work, but the way they think. Therefore I feel comfortable in collaborating with either group. I am good at analyzing and utilizing things and also have an artistic sense. I also have a high level of concentration.


Software Proficiency

B.S. in Chemistry
B.A. in Multimedia Tech.
Master of Entertainment Tech.

Brief Summary of My Experience (Does not include my personal projects)

Neowiz Round8 Studio - Lead NPC Combat Designer (Jan, 2017 ~ Current)


  • Rebuilding the online version of Bless to create an Action  MMORPG for XBOX

  • Working with a customized version of Unreal 4(connected with a proprietary AI editor and datasheets/XML)

  • In charge of enhancing the AI editor, redesigned the NPC's skill system - data structure.

  • Currently working on designing and creating various bosses and elite monsters, and redesigning dungeons from the PC version

Neowiz Bless Online Studio - Dungeon Designer (Jun, 2014 ~ Jan, 2017)


  • Worked on a AAA sized MMORPG - Bless, (http://bless.pmang.com/)

  •    - Launched in 2016, being serviced in Korea, Russia and Japan (soon)

  • Worked with a customized version of Unreal 3(connected with a proprietary AI editor and datasheets/XML)

  • Designed the teaser dungeon: Planned encounters, designed skills and AI for monsters

  • Designed and scripted a high level/heroic dungeon (Patala Ruins)

  •    - Introduced new game mechanics such as exploiting the bosses skill to survive a death blow, hiding behind cover and on

  • Designed and scripted a high level dungeon(Temple of Ash-Luha

  •    - Focused on vertical navigation, strategic movement, recognizing patterns and delivering the last chapter of a story.

  • Designed and scripted a raid dungeon (Patala Ruins, Raid version)

  •    - Introduced new game mechanics such as a water maze, creating a frozen human wall  for cover and on

Team tEAm (Client: EA) - Game Designer, Level Designer (Aug, 2013 ~ Dec, 2013)

  • Creating a game that utilizes the clients hubs system.​


Team GASx3 (Client: TATRC) - Producer, Lead Designer, Level Designer (Jan, 2013 ~ May, 2013)

  • Creating a educational simulation game that teaches the flow of the Personnel Decontamination Station for the chemical medics.​

Team Future Tech (Client: Firaxis, 2K Games) - 2D Artist, Experience Designer (Sep, 2011 ~ Dec, 2011)

  • Generating ideas and prototypes (mods) for use Civ 5 as a platform to increase interest in world issues.

Building Virtual Worlds - Producer, Sound Designer, Story writer, Level Designer, Texture Artist (Jan 2012 ~ May, 2012)

  • Rapid prototyping with randomly assigned teammates/roles

School Project 2 - Producer, Designer, Sound Designer, UI Designer (Mar, 2011 ~ Jun, 2011)

  • Pitch and develop a game that has a reasonable schedule

School Project 1 - Designer, UI Designer (Mar, 2010 ~ Dec, 2010)

  • Develop a tower defence game for iOS


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