Teaser / Tutorial Dungeon Designed for Bless 


Using Unreal Engine 3, proprietary AI Editor and datasheet based XML

Bless - a MMORPG being developed by Neowiz Bless Studio

Game is currently under development and is scheduled to be launched in 2015.

The dungeon was first introduced through a focused group test and got tweaked in terms of skills provided to the players.

Changes made after the FGT were tested in a CBT and received mostly positive feedback.



Objective of design

  • Create a short experience that introduces the gameplay of a high leveled character

  • Introduce multiple skills to the player 

  • Teach the players how to use the primary survival skill (details under NDA)


Goal for players

  • Infiltrate the dungeon and defeat the boss (details are under NDA)


Design challenges

  • Desiging different encounters for each class based on their strength and weakness 

  • Limiting the player's combat using indirect control, in order to make the players focus on learning new features

  • Designing monster's skills and AI to encourage the players to use specific skills against them

  • Creating skills for the boss that leads the player into a specific situation where they have to use the primary survival skill


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