Lead Dungeon Designer & NPC Combat Designer

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Bless Unleashed- a MMORPG for XBOX, PS4 & PC made by Round8

Bless Unleashed is an MMORPG for XBOX, PS4 & PC, developed by Round8 Studio.


  • Lead Dungeon Designer

  • Lead NPC Combat Designer

Major Tasks

  • Planned and managed schedules for a team of 5 designers.

  • Built and managed the pipeline for content design and implementation.

  • Supervised the design and implementation of dungeons and monsters.

    • Gave direction on encounter, level, combat and system design.

    • Suggested practical ways to visually deliver design concepts.

    • Reviewed and gave feedback on implementation methods.

    • Tested, reviewed and gave feedback on the outcome for tweaking.

    • Organized test sessions and managed the detailed balancing.

    • Managed quality assurance issues.

  • Educated the new designers.

    • Workflow and team vs team communication methods.

    • Data and asset structure.

    • Tool utilization and implementation methods.

    • Debugging and solving issues.

  • Create blueprints, macros and scripts to enhance the production efficiency.

  • Evaluated and gave feedback on the team member's performance.

  • Designed and expanded systems for dungeons and NPC combat, and tools.

    • Functions and triggers for AI

    • Functions for scripting (using lua)

    • Functions and data structure for skills, traps and projectiles

  • Responsible for dungeon optimization.

    • Managed asset usage.

    • Supervised memory usage and pre-loading

    • Managed draw distance and server grid size.


Major Achievements

  • Participated as main designer in the optimization process.

    • Established and implemented rules for optimization​ of design assets.

    • Established rules for chunk management.

  • Redesigned the AI tool.

    • Redesigned the layout and filter system to enhance usability.

    • Designed the blackboard system.

    • Added and redesigned over 50% of the triggers and functions.

  • Redesigned the skill system while preserving over 18,000 existing skills.

    • Redesigned the data structure, split the skill settings and hit settings into separate systems.

    • Enabled multi hit skills, allowing different timing, ​area of effect, damage and functions for each hit.

    • Added multi conditional skill canceling.

    • Added condition based skill linking. (allows skills to chain based on conditions without being called by AI)

  • Designed and implemented multiple ​dungeons.

    • 2 arenas (out of 14) for 2 players (single boss encounter)

    • 2 lairs for (out of 10) for 5 players (single boss encounter)

    • 5 dungeons (out of 10) for 5 players (classic dungeons with 3 bosses and traps and minions)

    • 1 abyssal dungeon (out of 8) for 5 players(elite version of normal dungeons, with additional mechanics)

    • 1 tutorial dungeon for 1 player (the openning dream dungeon)

  • Directed, designed and implemented the PAX DEMO.

    • Won 2 awards and got nominated ​for best of show award.

  • Supervised and directed the design and implementation of dungeons and field monsters.

    • 8 arenas, 6 lairs, 4 dungeons

    • 8 world bosses and over 40 elite monsters

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