Temple of Ash-Luha (Dungeon) Designed for Bless 

Using Unreal Engine 3, proprietary AI Editor and datasheet based XML
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Bless - a MMORPG being serviced by Neowiz Bless Studio

Bless is an AAA MMORPG currently being serviced in Korea, Russia and comming soon in Japan and on.

Temple of Ash-Luha is a dungeon for 5 players of level 50 (the game's current maximum level is 50).

The dungeon was focused on vertical navigation, strategic movement, recognizing patterns and delivering the last chapter of a story.

It received many positive feedback on it's gameplay experience and it's stunning visuals and was updated a couple of times to fix bugs and possible exploitation.

Objective of design

  • Let the players experience multiple boss encounters, each using different mechanics

  • Provide a (very) challenging combat experience

  • Deliver a story of intercepting a ritual that tries to wake the fallen god of flame and madness


Goal for players

  • Infiltrate the dungeon and stop the ritual or kill the awoken god 

Level design challenges

  • Design a map focused on vertical movement, that has a short cut 

  • Enable a boss to have multiple weapons and make it use skills based on what it's holding

  • Provide clues to each boss's core mechanics - every single encounter prior to each boss introduces at least 1 new mechanic of the next boss

  • Deliver the final part of a story of a long quest that involves a ritual of a god - used and created particle effects controlled by multiple matinees to set up a cinematic scene 

  • Change the environment during combat to provide a more immersive experience

System design challenges

  • Designed a new system that allows bosses to share HP and enemies but not aggro.

  • Finding a way to prevent people from cheating by tweaking the client -  designed functions that connected different AI systems (such as NPC AI, system AI) to track events happening through the whole dungeon

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