Ink Land (Developed in 15 weeks)

Client based project at the Entertainment Technology Center, CMU

Name of the Game

  • Ink Land


  • EA (OCCO team)

Platform / tool

  • Developed for iPads

  • Developed using Unity


Objective of design

  • Create a game that uses drawing to solve puzzles

  • Cute and energetic theme

  • Create a 2D platformer puzzle

  • Implement a system that connects to the EA's HUB to recieve data  and unlock bonus contents


Goal for players

  • Draw shapes to form the group of minions into different formations

  • Use the formations to navigate and solve the puzzles

Design challenges

  • Desiging mechanics that enhances the bond between the player and characters

  • Designing puzzles that has replayability

  • Designing unique contents that can be unlocked but does not change the core gameplay

  • Limit the design so that it can be fully developed within 15 weeks.

Working as a game designer

  • Designed interactive objects that can be used to create puzzles

  • Designed the interactions between objects and characters

  • Designed and coded the score evaluation system (using C#)

  • Contributed in system design - focused on details of the design to make the gameflow consistent

  • Tweaked the values for the character movements and physical attributes

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