Multiplayer Level Design for Far Cry 3

Using Far Cry 3's Map Editor (Developed, tested and documented in 7 days)

The ​Goal of Design
To create a multiplayer level that has vertical components in it.

It was built for a level design test. 

The ​Goal for the Players

Players have to capture 3 areas to obtain influence points.

Holding more areas than the opponent grants influence points. Teams with less areas will lose points. Once one team gains a certain amount of points the game ends as their victory. If the time limit is reached before the balance is broken, the team who has more influence wins.

Background Story

During a pipe installment operation an abandoned Japanese bunker (from world war 2) was discovered. Due to the large amount of ammunition embedded in the bunker, the pirates and the natives are fighting to hold the area under their control.


  • The level is made of 3 vertical layers
  • There are multiple routes to the objective points
  • Short line of sight and cover in lower areas
  • Long line of sight and less cover in higher areas
  • Fast movement and close ranged combat preferred


Total of 7 days (out of 10 days given)

  • Initial rough 2D layout that shows the flow, drawn in 1 day
  • 3D layout built in 3 days
  • 2D explanation map drawn in 2 days
  • Publishing and playtesting/fixing done in 3 days (after the 3D layout was built, while drawing the 2D explanation map)


  • The map was felt polished and delivered a solid theme
  • Encounters were intense and had the map had enough cover and space to try different strategies
  • Multiple routes mad the map feel bigger than it actually was and also gave players a chance to make decisions
  • The vertical factor was strong, providing an enjoyable experience of  navigating up and down
  • The vertical factor made the players look and aim in all directions, making the battle feel more intense and exciting