Levels Created Using Portal 2 Map Editor

Multiple puzzles that require sequential solving (Developed in 1 day)

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The ​Goal of Design
Create a map with multiple puzzles that require procedural solving.

  • Focuses on puzzles only. No actions/tricks required.

  • Map is mostly transparent so that the players can have an idea of what the entire puzzle looks like.

  • Contains three puzzles, connected to each other.

  • The puzzles need to be solved in a correct order. But each puzzle can be solved in various ways.

Each puzzle grants access to  new components of the map. Introducing them to a new puzzle.

Players also have to think of reusing parts of the map again, to achieve different results.

Players have to figure out which asset belongs to which puzzle and solve puzzles in a correct order.

The map got quite a few good feedback, along with feedback saying that the map would be more exciting if it had a bit of running or jumping in it. They pointed out that this unlike the other maps, this one feels like a “Portal map" rather than a level “using” Portal map editor.

Obstacle course with simple puzzles
(Developed in 2 days)

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The ​Goal of Design

  • This map was designed to give the players a challenge in terms of making quick decisions and active puzzle solving.
  • Inspired by "American Ninja Warrior" Show.


  • Simple puzzles with time limits
  • Time limited platforming
  • Some objects pushes the players along with the objects the players are supposed to interact with. It forces the player to make decisions and perform them within a limited amount of time.
  • As the level proceeds, the time challenges becomes less important while the puzzle factor becomes more challenging.

Play testing and Tweaking

It was play tested by experienced players. The testers pointed enjoyed the map once they accepted the fact that the map wasn't suppose to be a typical Portal map. 

Testers pointed out the importance of getting prepared before starting. So I added a start button and cleared the view. Through that, the players can see a bit of what is ahead and start when they want to.


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