Rapid Prototyping (built by myself within 2 ~ 3 days)
Level Blockout (Developed in 3 days)
Development Tool

Google Sketchup



A block out for a FPS multiplayer map. Was built to support deathmatch, capture the flag mode

  • Focused on long / mid range battle with objects to provide cover

  • Contains many routes to reach each end of the map

Development progress

Prototype for educational simulation game (Developed in 2 days)

Development Tool

Warcraft III's World Editor


It was built to explain the main concept of the game that simulates the activities of the chemical medics. 


  • Automated battle cycle. Soldiers who are fully healed return to the battlefield and when they are wounded they fall back.
  • Player can mark soldiers with different spells depending on the soldier's status (shown in color)
  • Capable of using items to sustain the lives of the soldiers or to call for evacuation.
  • Enemies spawn in a simple pattern, and in waves.

The prototype itself was engaging. But it was discared becuas it focused on the chemical medic's activities when the client wanted us to focus on the activities at the Personnel Decontamination Station. 

Prototype for student pitch project (Developed in 2 days)

Development Tool

Game Maker


It was built to pitch a student project that tried to create an imitation of the shooting game "1942" (The project was focused on working as a team and learning to set reasonable plans. It was not about creative developing.)


  • Limited ammo. The player has to collect their ammo in order to keep shooting.
  • Increasing difficulty. Depending on the time, the number and types of enemies differ/increase.
  • There are two different attacks. Basic attacks consume less ammo and slows the enemy, while the special attack consumes more ammo and clears a large amount of enemies.
  • Players can shoot the bullets that fly towards them.
  • The plane keeps moving. This was designed to keep the players engaged.

The prototype itself was difficult. The ammo consuming concept was interesting but it wasn't introduced clearly. The pitch went through, but the ammo concept was changed in to an energy system, and the special attack became a charging weapon.


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