Building Virtual Worlds Round 3 (Spring 2012)

Rapid prototyping with randomly assigned teammates​

Title: Rockon

Goal: Create world that is fun to play.

Role: Sound Designer, Voice Actor

  • Sound Design: Recorded the voice acting of my colleague, Collin Tan. Found, modified and placed sound effects.

  • Voice Acting: Did the voice acting for the deap and mumbling voice.

Team: 4 person team

Development: Built using Unity within 1 week (PS Move as the input device)

Play Testing & Feedback

  • Fun to play and also fun to watch.

  • Did a great job on finding a balance between simulation and entertainment.

(The demonstrator on the left is me)

Building Virtual Worlds Round 4 (Spring 2012)

Rapid prototyping with randomly assigned teammates​

Title: The Lost Boy

Goal: Create world with a story that delivers an emotion

Emotion: Guilt or relief , tension

Role: Story writer, Level designer​, Sound designer​

  • Level Design: Designed the layout of the world, placed assets, and managed camera movement. Collaborated with the programmer for the camera movement. Created the art for the final scene.

  • Story writing: Came up with the initial story and developed it. Created an animated storyboard and implemented the story into the world as an interactive form.

  • Sound Design: Planned and placed sound effects and music. Did voice recording with our improvisation acting  professor, Brenda Harger.

 Team: 4 person team

Development: Built using Unity within 3 weeks

Results & Feedback

  • Nice theme

  • Nice sound effects

  • Good story (delivers an emotion that is hard to deliver)

  • Final scene was not clear. It did not deliver the story that it was intended.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Initial storyboard (for pitching the idea)

Interdisplinary Project 2 (Spring 2013)

Client based project focusing on delivering a product that meets the client's needs

Title: P​​DS Task Force 

Educational simulation game for chemical medics

Goal: Create a simulation game that educates the audience about the flow of a Personel Decontamination Station (PDS)​

Deliverable: A polished web based game that is capable of being modified. 

Role: Producer, Level Designer and Lead Designer​

  • Level Design: Designed the layout of the playable area so that it represents the actual station and also that the units don't collide with objects. Collaborated with the artist and the programmers to achieve the final product.

  • Game ​Design: Designed the core functions of the system, functions of the interactive elements and unit behavior. Created a balanced default game setting so that the client could use it as a reference when they modify the game. Built the first prototype using Warcraft III's World Builder

  • Producer: Managed the schedule, set up deadlines and milestones, held daily team meetings, held adviser/client meetings (weekly) and wrote newsletters. Focused on understanding each teammate's skills and adjusting the workload. Secondary goal was to keep the working environment happy and clean. Helped the team in understanding the content using my experience of being in the army.

Team: GASx3 (7 person team, all international students)​​

Client: Telemedicine & Advanced Technology Research Center​

Advisor: Prof. Scott Stevens, Dr.

Development: Built using Unity within 15 weeks.


Team Projects (featuring 4 out of 11 projects. 3 client projects, 6 BVW projects, 2 from previous school)​

Projects at the Entertainment Technology Center, CMU 


Building Virtual Worlds Round 2 (Spring 2012)

Rapid prototyping with randomly assigned teammates​

Title: Let's Build a Snowman​

Goal: Create world for a naive guest using indirect control to predict the guests behavior.

Role: Level designer​, Fabricator and Designer

  • Level Design: Modeled the terrain, placed obstacles and created paths. Collaborated with the 3D artist and producer to match the limits for the model. Worked with the programmer to adjust the camera movement.
  • Fabrication: Figured out that for a naive guest, even a Wii-mote could be difficult to use. So we Created the tilt board to hide the controller from the guest's view. Collaborated with the texture artist/fabricator Carey Davenport.
  • Game Design: Collaborated on developing the core concept and mechanism for the game. Contributed in the rapid idea development meetings.

Team: 5 person team

Development: Built using Unity within 2 weeks (Wii-mote as the input device)

Play Testing & Feedback

  • Play tested with 12 naive guests
  • The tilt board was intuitive even for the naive guests.
  • The map was fairly easy in the beginning, but the final challenge (the bridge) seemed to be difficult for most guests.